Monday, October 1, 2012

My Imaginary Friend Wears A Top Hat

                                   Watercolor & Graphite
             (Autumn Whispers Font Courtesy of Press Gang Studios)


My name is Josiah Callaway and I am an insomniac who enjoys creating art. 

 It's true.

              Gimme paper, pencils, and a whole lot of caffeine, and I'll stay up all night imagining little monsters having a tea party and all other manner of things. To me, nothing is more marvelous than thinking up concepts for monsters, environments, and just pure randomness. However, in all my excitement, I forgot to properly welcome everyone to my humble blog. Now, it's not much but I call it home (just needs a few throw pillows and some curtains). And for the next few months, you, the readers, will begin to grasp what dwells in the mind of this rather eccentric artist. Exciting isn't it?

             In other news, I'm going to try a little challenge called the 31 Days of Characters. What is this contest? Well, I'm going to be attempting to create at least one new character a day for the next 31 days.   I'll be happy to take any suggestions (just shoot me an e-mail at So keep your eyes peeled for some new, strange artsy fartsy stuff. 

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