Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 12- Oh Gnome!

Phew. This past week has been crazy. I apologize for not updating, my fellow munchkins. Work went into overdrive this week (Both my part-time and freelance artsy stuff). Hence, I had to neglect my baby blog here. However, good news is I'm back into action. I'm getting some of my stuff ready for winter. Lots of exciting events are going to be happening. I will admit I soiled myself when I realized how little time I have to get my portfolio ready. But after a fresh change of pants, I'm ready to go into action. I have a few poster designs I'm working on and getting my character portfolio ready for animation companies. And I bet you are wondering what is keeping josiah busy? Well, Here are just a few projects I'm working on.

Oh Gnome! Rough Sketch 

I Am The Walrus Postcard (In Process)

My Imaginary Friend Wears A Top Hat Postcard
(Levi Rebrushed Font courtesy of Levi Szekeres)

Blog Banner Rough Sketch

And many many more projects, which we will discuss at a later date when it isn't so late. Alas, I must dash, but fear not, I'll be back tomorrow night.

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