Monday, November 4, 2013

Who has the last laugh?

Featherless Joe (Work In Progress)
Watercolor & Ink

Imagine the Grim Reaper as a Bird, and Featherless Joe will come to mind....or at least my mind that is. This monster has been so much fun to work on from the beginning concepts to the near completion of inking. It all started with the idea of personifying Death as a bird.....In my mind, Death is a molting feeble bird that is too weak to fly. Although it yearns to soar up into the sky, it is forever cursed to walk the earth while it's fellow bretheren roam freely amongst the stars. Other Birds mock this poor creature since it has fallen from grace and cannot experience the joys of life in the air. They whistle and crow as they fly up towards the clouds, Taunting poor Featherless Joe who must remain on the ground....But the joke is on them. Although their wings can carry them all the way to the gates of  heaven, sooner or later these birds will have to come back down to earth......back to where Featherless Joe awaits ever so patiently.

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