Monday, April 29, 2013

Nap Attack!

D'oh! My nap lasted a little bit longer than I originally planned and I didn't get a chance to update yesterday. Never fear though, cause we are combining last week AND this week's updates into one.....yeah. So now on with the show!
WerePunk Sketch
Thought everyone would like to see the process of how my monsters are created. As I stare off into space contemplating about life, a little thought will pop into my head for a new project. For example, WerePunk was created after wondering what if a punk were to be bitten by a four-armed werewolf (cause those things happen all the time). Now that I had an idea, I grab my paper and trusty non-photo blue pencils and begin to doodle. After roughing out punkwere, I then go over my blue lines with a red pencil to finalize the sketch stage. Afterwards, I lightbox my drawing and create the finalized version on the back, which sorta looks like this.
This is the stage I am currently at. Afterwards, I'll begin painting him with watercolor and then ink this sucker. So yeah, that's how you make a werepunk. 

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